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You need to write every single day.

Developing a daily writing habit is the single most effective thing you can do to grow as a writer, but life often gets in the way.

Enter Write500, a simple challenge: Write 500 words every day.

500 words every day is (by Nebula Awards standards):

  • a daily blog post, or
  • a novelette in three weeks, or
  • a novel every three months

500 words every day is a 15 minute commitment (at 35 wpm), or one coffee break.

500 words every day might sound too little ("why not 1000? 2000?"), but is an achievable micro-commitment, and a sustainable habit.

500 words every day will help you get comfortable with a daily routine, even if those words are never read by anyone else.

500 words every day could be the only thing standing between you, and realizing your dream as a writer.

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Get Free Daily Writing Prompts

Every day, for free, Write500 can deliver a new writing prompt to you. These prompts are designed to be fairly open-ended, and randomize through several categories - ensuring that you have a fresh idea every single day.

You can get started right now! Your prompt for today will be sent as soon as you register and activate your account.

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Write500 Plus takes it to the next level by introducing several useful features.

Daily Digest Mail

The first is an enhanced daily digest mail, which will include your wordcount performance over the last 7 days, and a one-click link to launch the online writer for the day's prompt.

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Online Writer

Take your writing with you wherever you go!

Write500 Plus adds an online writing feature that tracks and automatically saves your work. The writer can be launched directly from the daily emails, or by logging into your Write500 account.

Build a Streak

Get instant feedback on your writing.

The online writer provides immediate feedback when completing your 500 words for the day. Focus on maintaining that daily streak, and watch your productivity skyrocket.

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Advanced Statistics

Get deeper insight into your writing patterns.

Write500 Plus adds an advanced statistics system which tracks your wordcount, average wpm, and the precise dates and times you write. This information makes it trivial to determine when your peak writing hours are.

Export your Work

Want to share your work? Write500 Plus includes an export feature that can produce PDF, HTML, and Microsoft Word documents from your submitted work.

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More is coming!

There are several new features in the works as of May 2017:

  • Automatically export published work in PDF, DOCX or HTML format to your Dropbox account
  • Customize the appearance of the online writer - colors, fonts, sizes and sounds
  • Share your streak, wordcount, and other statistics directly to your social media
  • And more!

Write500 Plus will continue to evolve and add these new features over time. Take advantage of the launch price! Subscribe today at $5/month to lock that price in forever.